Thursday, June 28, 2007

Launching a Start-up Software Company

How do YOU make a difference?

Nearly every day, I think about what I am doing to make a difference to others in both my personal and professional life. At the close of the day, I often run through a self-reporting process of how well I did. Too many days, I feel I didn't do anything to make a difference.

After spending 21 years in the technology industry with some great organizations, I decided it was time to move my family home to be closer to extended family. I decided I'd focus on building a house as a "gathering place." Managing building contractors and checking up on quality work was like watching moss grow. I wasn't making the "difference" that I had envisioned.

Then I was turned on to this company called Transcensus, where a handful of brilliant and visionary entrepreneur's and software developers were dedicating their talent in developing this very innovative and compelling technology that really does have the ability to transform the Learning or Performance Support industry. I can make a difference in helping launch this product that has the potential to boost productivity, decrease errors, and enhance the usability of software applications... to put the "human" back in the software interface.

So, how do you tell the world that you have found the most amazing technology that change the way they get things done? Yikes, here I am, responsible for helping turn revenue with these folks who have dedicated their lives for the past 4 or 5 years, drawing little if any, salary. How do you do it?

How do you tell the world you have the most incredible technolgy solution to help them use computer software to it's fullest extent? Oh, did I mention that we are a start-up with only friends and family contributions to keep the lights on? Marketing funds? Yeah, right. I suppose nearly every company feels this kind of passion and everyone is screaming and dropping loads of money to get noticed.

What are your "best practices" in getting your message to others and becoming noticed? I think we as people united on the cause of "making a difference" should take a moment and give-back to each other on what we have experienced.

I'd love to hear your insight's and stories...

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