Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Storing "Moment of Need" Application Assistance

Most of us have experienced software application training, yet when we attempt to use a particular feature, we can't remember how it was done. Creating a library of assistance or help can alleviate this problem. SHO Guide is a great product to create this library of help. SHO Guide allows computer users to record and publish a "script." Anyone who downloads the SHO Player (www.transcensus.com) can play back the script.

Once this library of SHO Scripts are created, where should they be stored for easy access?

Some examples include:

  • Dedicated Web Library site of SHO scripts.
  • "SHO me" button included in a Microsoft Help file
  • html "SHO me" link in the application itself (ok for web based apps, but not as easy for .NET or Microsoft Office apps.)
  • "SHO me" link in a PDF file or Microsoft Word document
  • Inside the LMS/LCMS
  • On a customizable internal share, like a dedicated Drive letter (e.g. T:\SHO), a Microsoft Sharepoint site or other customizable Intranet.

Let's explore some examples...

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